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"Stephen Doughty's witty and innovative arrangements..."

                  Glasgow Herald

Arrangements & Orchestrations for Young Voices and Orchestra or Piano

I have a large catalogue of pieces designed specifically with young singers in mind.

The vast majority are orchestrated (a Voice/Piano score is also available) and many of these pieces have been commissioned by organisations including Belfast Philharmonic Choir, Children's Classic Concerts, Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the BBC and have featured both on live TV broadcasts and CD.  Click on the links for sample pages or mp3s.


For more information please contact me here.


  • A Maranoa Lullaby  (PDF) Aborigine melody
    Instrumentation:  1111.2000.Voices.Str

  • A Noah Medley (PDF) (One more river / Please, Noah / Who built the Ark? )  Trad. / Holdstock Instrumentation:  1122.2000.Voices(2pt).Str

  • A Young Austrian    Austrian cumulative song  (great with audiences too!)
    Instrumentation:  2222.2210.SnDrTriWhistleCabasa.Timps.Str

  • Aiken Drum (PDF), Traditional
    Instrumentation:  1121.0000.Voice.Str

  • Al shlosha (PDF),  Allan Naplan
    Instrumentation:  2222.2210.SusCym.T.Voice(2pt).Str

  • Ally Bally Bee (PDF,) (MP3) (Coulter's Candy)
    Instrumentation: 1111,2000,UniVoices,Str

  • Ave Verum, G. Faure
    Instrumentation: 1122.2000.2pt Voices.Str

  • Ballad of Santy Anno, Crocker 
    Instrumentation: 1112.2000Perc(Cast)Timps.TBarB. Str

  • Big City, Lin Marsh
    Instrumentation: 2222.2000.Perc(SnDrumTri)Timps.2ptVoices.Str

  • Bonie wee thing (PDF), Ken Johnston
    Instrumentation:  1121.2000.Voice(2pt).Str

  • Bought me a Cat (PDF),  Trad. American, with echoes of Copland!
    Instrumentation:  1111.2000.Str

  • Brian O'Linn, Trad Irish arr. Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1111.UniVoices.Str.

  • Calypso Carol, Perry arr. Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1121.2000Perc(SusCymMaraccasTambSteelDr)Timp.UniVoices.Str

  • Child of God Emily Crocker
    Instrumentation: 2222.2210.TambTriGlock.Timps.Str. Scored for TBarB voices

  • Consider the Penguin (The Penguin Song) (MP3) Kevin Stannard/ Lucy Rhu
    Instrumentation: 2222.2000.Voice.Str

  • Dem Bones Spiritual, available with two orchestrations:
    Full version Instrumentation:  1+Picc222.2210.Xylo.T.Voice(2pt).Str

    Reduced version Instrumentation (PDF):  1+Picc121.2100.Xylo.Voice(2pt).Str

  • Dreamer, Eilers orch. Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1111.2000.3ptVoices.Str

  • Drunken Sailor (PDF), Traditional
    Instrumentation:  1111.2000.SideDrum.Voice(2pt).Str

  • Frere Jacques (PDF), Traditional French melody
    Instrumentation:  1121.0000.Glock.Voice(2pt).Str

  • Frog Song, The (PDF), Traditional
    Instrumentation:  1211.2000.Voice.Str

  • Gonna rise up singin', Johnston orch. Doughty
    Instrumentation: 2121.2000.2ptVoicesStr

  • Grandma Grunts, American Trad. arr. Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1111.2000.UniVoicesStr.

  • Hear the wind (PDF), Emily Crocker
    Instrumentation:  1112.2000.T.Voice(2pt).Str

  • Here I am, Fowler orch Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1121.2000.Perc(Glock)Harp.UniVoicesStr

  • Hey, Escher!, Barry Russell
    Instrumentation:  2222.2210.Voices(2pt).Str

  • I once went a-courting (PDF), Sheena Philips
    Instrumentation:  1122.2010.SnDrYri.Cym.3pt TBarBVoices.Str

  • I'll tell my Ma (PDF), Traditional
    Instrumentation:  1Picc111.2000.XylSnDr.Str

  • I'm gonna sing (PDF) (Medley: I'm gonna sing, O when the saints, Swing low), Traditional
    Instrumentation:  1111.2000.Voice(3pt).Str

  • I'm a little wrong note  Arthur Askey
    Instrumentation:  1+Picc222.2210.TriCym.T.Voice.Str

  • In the bleak midwinter, Tom Race orch Doughty
    Instruemtnation: 1121.2000.Perc(SusCym)Timps.UniVoices.Str

  • John Kanaka,  Australian traditional song
    Instrumentation:  1111.2000.Voices.Str

  • Jolly Old St. Nicholas
    Instrumentation:  1121.0000.2ptVoices.Str

  • Land of the silver birch
    Instrumentation:  1112.2000.Voice.Str

  • Lil Liza Jane/ I've been to Harlem 
    Instrumentation:  Voices(2pt), Pf

  • Lobster Quadrille, The, Johnston orch. Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1111.2000.2ptVoices.Str.

  • Mary had a baby, (PDF) Spiritual
    Instrumentation:  Voices.Pf (See also orchestral version for adult voices

  • Michael Finnigan Medley (PDF) arr. Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1111.2000.TimpsPerc(SnDrCastaTambTri)3ptVoices.Str.

  • Mountains of Mourne, The,   Traditional Irish song
    Instrumentation:  1111.2000.Str

  • Nearly There, Tom Cunningham
    Instrumentation:  1112.2000.SusCym.Timps.Str.

  • Non nobis, Domine, Byrd/Wagner
    Instrumentation:  0202.2000.2ptVoices.Str    
    REVISED SCORING 1111.2000.Voice(2pt).Str

  • O give thanks, Rogers orch Doughty
    Instrumentation:  2222.2000.Timps.2ptVoices.

  • O whistle and I'll came tae ye, Trad arr. Johnston orch Doughty

  • Old Molly Hare, Traditional
    Instrumentation:  2pt Voices.Pf

  • On a train, Lin Marsh
    Instrumentation:  1021.0000.TrainWhistShaker/SandBlk.Voice.Str

  • One more river, Jan Holdstock     SEE ALSO A Noah Medley above
    Instrumentation:  1122.2000.Voice(2pt).Str

  • Panis Angelicus (MP3), Cesar Franck
    Instrumentation:  Voices(2pt).Harp.Strings

  • Penguin Song, The (Consider the Penguin) Kevin Stannard/ Lucy Rhu
    Instrumentation: 2222.2000.Voice.Str

  • Pitter, patter, Lin Marsh
    Instrumentation:  1122.2000.Voice.Str

  • Please, Noah,  Jan Holdstock  
    Instrumentation (original version):  1121.0000.Voice(2pt).Str
    A Noah Medley above

  • Rocky Mountain,
    Instrumentation: 1111.2000.Voice (2pt).Str

  • Salley Gardens, Irish air arr. Gormley orch Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1111.2000.3ptTBarB.Str.

  • Shoshone Love Song, Emerson
    Instrumentation:  2020.0000.TBarB.Str  OR  2122.2000.TBarB.Str

  • Silence and the song, The, Patterson orch. Doughty
    Instrumentation: 2121.2000.Perc(TriGlock)TimpsHp.2ptVoices.Str

  • SIng to him a song of love, Spevacek orch Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1111.2000.Perc(SusCymGlock)Timps.3ptVoicesStr

  • Siyahamba (PDF), African song
    Instrumentation:  1111.2000.Tamb.Voice.Str

  • Spiritual (Nobody knows) Ken Johnston
    Instrumentation:  Voice.Pf.Str

  • Suo-gan, Trad Welsh arr.Rowley orch Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1121.2000.Perc(GlockSusCym)UniVoices.Str

  • There was an Old Woman, Traditional
    Instrumentation:  1+Picc222.2000.XylGlockSnDr.Voice.Str

  • Three note samba, Johnston orch Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1121.Perc(ClavesMaraCongas)2ptVoices.Str

  • Three Craws, The, (MP3) Trad. arr. Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1111.2000.Uni Voices Str

  • Throw it out the window, Michael Rosen
    Instrumentation:  1(Picc)121.2000.SnDr.Voice.Str

  • Wayfarin' Stranger, Appalachian arr. Unterseher orch Doughty
    Instrumentation: 1111.2000.Pf.SABVoices

  • Welcome Yule, Mathias orch Doughty
    Instrumentation: Picc.1222.2000TimpsPerc(SusCymSnDrTambGlockTri).SSAVoices.Str

  • When I was one, Traditional
    Instrumentation:  1112.2000.SnDrWdBlk.Voice.Str

  • Whistle down the wind, A Lloyd Webber
    Instrumentation:  1122.2000.SusCym.Glock.T.Voice.Str

  • Whole World Medley (He's got the whole world, Good news, chariots a'comin', Go tell Aunt Rhody)
    Instrumentation:  1121.2000.Kit.Voice(3pt).Str

  • Why we sing, Greg Gilpin
    Instrumentation:  2222.2210.SnDrCymTriMarkTrGloDrSet.Timps.3ptVoic.Str,

  • Wind that shakes the barley, The, Ken Johnson
    Instrumentation:  1110.0000.Hp.3ptVoices.Str

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